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Senior dog food, diet, health advice and tips for older dogs from Happy dog UK

Feeding a Diabetic Dog

Feeding a Diabetic Dog

Diabetes is an endocrine disorder which can be caused by both genetic and environmental factors. It's a complex syndrome which usually consists of a limited effect of insulin (resistance of insulin) combined with an insufficiency of β- cells (cells in the pancreas producing insulin). Obese and older dogs are more likely to get diabetes....

Feeding the Trusted and Faithful Senior Dogs

Feeding the Trusted and Faithful Senior Dogs

Whether we realise it or not, sooner or later the day will come when we as dog owners become aware that our beloved ‘Rover’ or ‘Lady’ are no longer young puppies. It may be the appearance of the first white hairs on the muzzle which strikes us first. Or we notice that for some time now, the usual morning walk has taken 5 minutes l...

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