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Dog food for overweight dogs

Our Low carb, low calorie and diet dog food range helps to achieve this whilst ensuring your dog still receives vital nutrients to support general health and well being.

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  • Light Calorie Control - Low fat diet dog food

    A low fat healthy calorie weight control dog food

    Just 7% fat ~ 40% less fat*
    Lots of high-quality roughage ~ filling and tasty
    L-carnitine to boost the metabolism
    New Zealand mussels for a sturdy locomotor system * than a standard Happy Dog Adult product.

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  • Mini Light - Low Fat Dog Food

    Healthy dog food with low fat content for adult dogs up to 10kg.

    Small dog food with low fat content

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  • Supreme Light Snack - Healthy Dog Treats

    Gluten free, low fat, low calorie dog treats

    The crunchy Happy Dog Light Snack, with only 4% fat, is low in calories and delicious.

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3 Item(s)