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Power Plus - New packaging

Food supplement for high performance and recovery.

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With Power Plus Food supplement for dogs, dog athletes achieve up to 40% more performance with the same intensity of training! Happy Dog Power Plus was developed especially as a food supplement for dog athletes. Power Plus contains protein components on the basis of egg, poultry, liver and dried whey, which is perfectly adapted to the dog's musculature to ensure rapid muscle development, plus partially hydrolysed carbohydrates, which ensure the immediate release of energy during high-performance sport. Fortified with unsaturated oils, many important vitamins, minerals and a special mix of Chinese herbs, this is an exceptional food supplement for dogs for regenerative feeding after sport and performance.

Nutritional Information

Additional Information

Maltodextrin, powdered egg, hydrolysed, powdered poultry meat, hydrolysed, liver, hydrolysed, powdered whey, safflower oil, soya oil, linseed oil, linseed, mineral blend, powdered seaweed, trace element preparation, herb blend, shellfish extract, grapeseed oil, vitamin preparation.
raw protein 23%
raw fat 23%
raw fibre 3%
raw ash 6%
calcium 1,3%
phosphorus 1%
sodium 0,1%
Additional ingredients/kg:
vitamin A 850 I.E. copper 20 mg
vitamin E 200 mg vitamin B1 20 mg
vitamin B2 50 mg vitamin B12 40 mcg
iron 100 mg vitamin B6 15 mg
niacin 500 mg folic acid 4 mg
iodine 1,4 mg zinc 80 mg
Feed amount
5 - 20 kg 1 tbsp.
20 - 60 kg 2 tbsp.
Feeding instructions: At best daily 20 min. after sport and high performance for regenerative feeding. Mix with water.