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NaturCroq Balance - Dog food for active dogs


Healthy, dry dog food for adult dogs.

With high energy content.

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This easily digestible croquette mixture dry dog food offers a very special taste experience.

Cottage cheese and special yeast extracts also have a positive effect on the digestion and bowel function.

So NaturCroq Balance can be used as a sensitive dog food without any problems. Due to its slightly increased energy content, NaturCroq Balance is ideally suited to active dogs engaged in agility, sport and play activities.

Nutritional Information

Additional Information

poultry meat meal, whole wheat, wheat flour, whole grain maize, maize flour, rice flour, oatmeal, whole grain barley, meat meal, fish meal, poultry fat, beef fat, beet slices, hydrolysed liver, apple pomace (dried) (0.8%), sodium chloride, cottage cheese (dried, 0.3%), carrots (dried 0.1%), yeast (extract, 0.1%), spinach (dried 0.08%), lucerne (dried 0.08%), Digestible energy: 1,565 kJ/100 g
raw protein 23%
raw fat 10%
raw fibre 3%
raw ash 6%
Carbohydrates (NfE) 49%
calcium 1.4%
phosphorus 0.9%
sodium 0.35%
potassium 0.45%
Additional ingredients/kg:
Vitamins / kg:   Trace elements / kg:  
vitamin A 10250 I.E. iron 80 mg
vitamin D3 1000 I.E. copper 8 mg
vitamin E 60 mg zinc 80 mg
vitamin B1 4 mg manganese 6 mg
vitamin B2 6 mg iodine 1.5 mg
vitamin B6 3 mg selenium 0.1 mg
vitamin B12 60µg cobalt 0.2 mg
biotin 350 µg Antioxidants, high tocopherol
pantothenic acid 10 mg   extracts of
niacin 45 mg   natural origin
Feed amount

2 kg 45 g
3,5 kg 70 g
5 kg 100 g
7,5 kg 140 g
15 kg 245 g
20 kg 310 g
30 kg 370 g
40 kg 460 g
50 kg 545 g


Average Rating

Dogs actually clear their bowls compared to the brands in grocery stores
- Jay
No name given
- Nikki
Because I'm impressed with the service, and the food seems very good
- Rita Doggrell
The dogs always happy to eat it.
No name given
This is one of my five dogs favourite foods.
No name given
Nothing more to add, use this for years
No name given
Brilliant! Great for the teeth and entertaining for the dogs.
No name given
I have used this before and my dogs like it
No name given
Great biscuits, solid waste and dogs look in great shape
- Lucia Brth
Good balance of nutrients and a food my dogs always enjoy
- Sally Newman