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Bone Shaped Dog Biscuit Treats


Healthy Dog Biscuits

Dog biscuits in the shape of a bone as a treat and for dental care.

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A robust dog biscuit treat in the shape of a bone made from whole grains with high-quality proteins, minerals and wheat germ.

Our wholegrain dog biscuits are not just healthy due to high-quality vitamins and minerals. A further practical side benefit for dog treats and snacks is dental care: By chewing the dog biscuit your dog is cleaning its teeth, which freshens its breath.

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Cereals and vegetable by-products (82.5%, of which wheat germ 6.0%), meat and animal by-products (15%) premixed minerals.
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Average Rating

My Dogs love these biscuits and they have lovely clean teeth
- Barbra Waggett
Excellent for treats my dogs love them.
No name given
Our dogs teeth are clean and plaque free
- Joan
amazing product my TT youngsters love it , and are thriving​ with thick lush coats
No name given
dogs love it (why do i need another 13 characters - there is only so much to be said about dog food...)
- Charles Spicer
Have used Low Fat diet dog food for the past 10 years my dogs are always in great condition and healthy
No name given
The junior food is the only food my schnauzer can eat without getting sick it keeps his weight and his stomach healthy he loves it
- Wilhelmina Callaghan
the dogs love the biscuits and crunching is good for their teeth
- G Stockton