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How much meat is in your dog food?

Fresh meat vs dried meat in dog food

Fresh meat consists of 70% water on average.

Most of this water is removed by heat during the

manufacturing of dry food, leaving roughly 30% dry

matter. This applies to every production method.


fresh meat is made up  of 70% water

Fresh meat vs. "dried meat".

1000 g fresh meat = 300 g dried meat.

Declartation tricks you should know about the "meat ratio" in dry food

Essentially every dry dog food will only contain "dried meat".

There is no scientific definition for the term "meat ratio". Manufacturers can therefore interpret it as it suits them best.

Some manufacturers use it to describe the proportion of fresh meat in the recipe, while others use it as the total quantity of all the animal-derived fresh ingredients (meat plus internal organs, etc.). And then other manufacturers only process dried raw ingredients with an extremely low water content compared to fresh meat. Their nutritional values are correspondingly much lower. A true comparison is thus impossible.

Let us take a look at this example:

The manufacturer declares:

Beef (50%)

What the manufac-

turer means is: that

50% of fresh beef

was used to

produce this food

However, the ratio

of meat left after

dehydration is

lower, which

means that 50%

fresh meat

equates to just

15% dry meat.

Beef (dried) (15%)

The meat ratio in Happy Dog!

We use only dry ingredients. The "meat ratio" in Happy Dog dry food is

thus actually much higher than in dry dog foods from most other manufacturers.