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NaturCroq Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food


Healthy dog food for adult dogs

also for dogs with sensitive stomachs

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Lamb and rice dog food for adult dogs. A proven, effective sensitive dog food.

NaturCroq Lamb & Rice dry food the balanced dry food that is gentle on the stomach with nutritious lamb, easily digestible rice and a low fat content.

It is therefore especially suitable for all sensitive dogs and for dogs with a light-coloured coat.

Nutritional Information

Additional Information

poultry meat meal, whole wheat, whole grain maize, wheat flour, maize flour, whole grain barley, lamb meat meal (7%), rice flour (7%), fish meal, poultry fat, beef fat, hydrolysed liver, beet slices, sunflower oil (0.8%), apple pomace (dried) (0.8%), yeast (dried), malt sprouts, rape seed oil (0.2%), sodium chloride, green oats (dried), sunflowers (dried), cress (dried), parsley (dried), (total green herbs: 0.3%) Digestible energy: 1,535 kJ/100 g
raw protein 22%
raw fat 9%
raw fibre 3%
raw ash 6.5%
Carbohydrates (NfE) 50.5%
calcium 1.4%
phosphorus 0.95%
sodium 0.25%
potassium 0.45%
omega-6 fatty acids 2%
omega-3 fatty acids 0.25%
Additional ingredients/kg:
Vitamins / kg:   Trace elements / kg:  
vitamin A 8000 I.E. iron 80 mg
vitamin D3 800 I.E. copper 8 mg
vitamin E 60 mg zinc 80 mg
vitamin B1 4 mg manganese 5 mg
vitamin B2 6 mg iodine 2 mg
vitamin B6 3 mg selenium 0.15 mg
vitamin B12 60µg    
biotin 350 µg Antioxidants, high tocopherol
pantothenic acid 10 mg   extracts of
niacin 45 mg   natural origin
Feed amount

2 kg 45 g
3,5 kg 70 g
5 kg 100 g
7,5 kg 140 g
15 kg 245 g
20 kg 310 g
30 kg 370 g
40 kg 460 g
50 kg 545 g


Average Rating

dogs love it, eat every bit
- gillian
- Sandra Woodley
I have four German Shepherds, which have been fed on happy dog food , the vet said he has never seen better looking dogs.
- michele
Good food dogs like it I think they are the best judge of it it do not last long
- Susan
Taking a bit of getting used to but he will eat it eventually - will have to wait and see if it makes a difference.
- g marley
- David Crossley
No name given
All eaten nothing left, good quality food.
- gillian
Dogs actually clear their bowls compared to the brands in grocery stores
- Jay
unfortunately this food doesnt agree with my smooth collie, although i have asked for advice as to which food i should try, i have not heard back as yet.
No name given
great tasting food it must be it disappears in a flash!!!!!!!!!!!
- David
Dogs love it very good for their digestion
- Dianne
- michele
- Mikki
My Dogs love it. Great for them. Love this food. Great service too.
No name given
Not outrageiously expensive. Lamb content keeps body weight and condition. Very palatable. Stools reduced in amount and normal.
- Sheila McDonald
Don't fancy it myself but my dog deems happy lol
- Lawrence Kerr
Excellent product - the dogs love it and delivered the next day
- Sandra Woodley
Every dog will eat it immediately with enjoyment. It keeps the weight on during bad weather and keeps them in condition for the show ring.
- Sheila McDonald
Just would like alot more flavours in this range would be great and make for small dogs to apart from that no probz
No name given
Great product! My dog seems to do very well on this. Glossy coat and healthy digestive 'movements' which is, lets face it, what we all want in our dogs!
- Duncan Whitfield
Excellent food for my dog, have a sensitive stomach and Happy Dog is always the best for him. Using this brand from many years.
- David Rivas
Great range of products my dog is very happy on this food
- Bernadette Kenny
Great to transition from baby to junior, Puppy loves it <3 and he is a Boxer so it agrees with his tummy, success!!
- Barbara Bracken
Love it although the dogs would rather have a McDonalds. Reduced shoveling up, good coats and temperament. I appreciate the breeders' discount as otherwise I would only have 2 dogs instead of 3 (and thinking of No 4). Worry about Brexit.
- Sheila McDonald
My Belgian Malinois have problems to process high protein levels and fat, let’s say High Performance is not for him... with this Naturcroq we found perfect balance and he love it.
No name given
My dogs seem to enjoy this food
- Deb Kirkman