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Free Puppy Packs - Dog Food Samples by Happy Dog

Puppy starter kits for a good start in life: The right diet for puppies

A balanced, species appropriate and not too rich diet is essential to ensure that any puppy grows up as they should. This is why the recipes used in Happy Dog Young products focus on the needs of puppies and young dogs as they go through the different growth stages.

The Young product recipes also contain the unique Natural Life Concept®. This brings together a combination of natural products with health-promoting properties. It ensures that your puppy is supplied with everything needed to benefit the body holistically - from a strong immune system to a healthy coat. They also contain extracts of New Zealand green-lipped mussels to support ligaments joints. 

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Copy Voucher code: HD127P

Use the voucher code: HD127P in the checkout process to get a free* puppy food sample delivered straight to your door. 

*Terms & conditions apply, whilst stocks last, a shipping fee will apply if the order is below the free shipping requirements. Shipping is £2.99 for next day delivery. Maximum one per household. Offer ends 30th of April 2017. Discount is only applied to 1 sample pack of Happy Dog puppy food.UK & Ireland only.

How puppies grow

The first 6 or so months of a dog's life are known as the "main growth phase". During this period, the baby dog grows very quickly, and this is the same for both large and small breeds. At the end of this time, young large-breed dogs will have reached 50% of their final weight. Small breeds as much as 80%. Their need for energy and high quality nutrients in appropriate amounts is correspondingly high during this period. Protein and minerals are particularly important. 

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The 2nd phase of growth

Young medium-sized and large-breed dogs can then take quite a long time to reach their final weight in the 2nd growth period - as much as 12 to 18 months more.

To avoid an oversupply of nutrients and the associated growth disturbances it is important to reduce the food's energy content at this time. Such a recipe is therefor th perfect transition to an adult food.

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