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Adult Maxi - Large Breed Dog Food


Dry dog food for large breed adult dogs from 26kg with normal energy requirements

With 5 valuable proteins. Perfectly balanced; Gluten-free ingredients; Moderate fat content; With nutritious New Zealand musselsfor a sturdy locomotor system.

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Our Happy Dog Maxi Adult is the perfect dry dog food for all large breed adult dogs over 26kg, or for those who prefer a larger kibble.

It contains five top-quality, highly-digestible protein components and an appropriate 12% fat with vital unsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids from high-grade animal and plant sources.

An oversupply of protein and fat is often the trigger for a variety of chronic illnesses in our dogs - especially when they are not getting enough exercise! Relief is provided through a balanced, non-rich food, which meets the needs of a dog in average activity. The energy content of Maxi Adult is matched to a dog’s natural desire for 2-3 hours exercise every day. If the recommended amount is given, it will prevent overfeeding and its resulting problems.

Our special Maxi-Adult recipe contains the unique Happy Dog Natural Life Concept® which is made from natural ingredients, such as selected herbs for stomach, intestines and circulation, apple and fruit components for healthy digestion, essential trace elements for life and to help prevent deficiencies and a supplement of New Zealand Mussels for healthy joints, tendons and ligaments.

Like all Happy Dog foods, Maxi adult is over 90% digestible, meaning there will be ‘less poop to scoop.’

Nutritional Information

Additional Information



Maize, poultry protein*)**), rice flour, poultry fat, salmon meal, fish meal, lamb protein*, haemoglobin*, sunflower oil, sugar beet molasses (desugared)*, apple pomace* (0.6%), sodium chloride, whole egg powder, yeast*, potassium chloride, seaweed* (0.15%), linseed (0.15%), mussel meat* (0.02%), milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, ginger, birch leaves, stinging nettle, camomile, coriander, rosemary, sage, liquorice root, thyme, yeast (extract)* (total dried herbs: 0.14%) (* dried, ** partially hydrolysed)


Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 23.0%, crude fat 12.0%, crude fibre 3.0%, crude ash 6.0%, calcium 1.3%, phosphorus 0.9%, sodium 0.4%, Omega 6 fatty acids 2.8%, Omega 3 fatty acids 0.3%



Vitamins / kg:

Vitamin A (E672) 12000 I.U., vitamin D3 (E671) 1200 I.U., vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 3a700) 75 mg, vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate) 4 mg, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 6 mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride 3a831) 4 mg, D-(+)-biotin 575 mcg, calcium-d-pantothenate 10 mg, niacin 40 mg, vitamin B12 70 mcg, choline chloride 60 mg.

Antioxidant, tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin

Trace elements/kg:

Iron (E1, iron (II) sulphate monohydrate) 105 mg, copper (E4, copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate) 10 mg, zinc (E6, zinc oxide, zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate) 125 mg, manganese (E5 manganese (II) oxide) 25 mg, iodine (E2 calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2 mg, selenium (E8 sodium selenite) 0.15 mg.


Digestible energy:

1675 kJ/100 g

Feed amount
Normal requirements
For increased energy requirements
26 kg 290 g 320 g
30 kg 330 g 360 g
35 kg 375 g 410 g
40 kg 415 g 455 g
45 kg 450 g 495 g
50 kg 490 g 540 g
60 kg 560 g 615 g
70 kg 630 g 690 g
80 kg 695 g 765 g


Average Rating

No name given
We use the normal dry food for an adult large breed dog. He really enjoys the food. It seems to be of excellent quality looking at the enormous list of natural ingredients.
No name given
Excellent service precise delivery
No name given
We & the dogs are thrilled with Happy dog, no nasty additives, all nutritional , no cheap rubbish added, all the benefits of the best contents that can be found.
No name given
It really agrees with my dog
No name given
Large kibble so dog takes longer to eat.
too pricey for what they are.
No name given
Lets hope they keep the quality of this product this time round
- Hugo Ferreira
Dogs have enjoyed eating this food and I will be ordering some more in the near future
No name given
We currently on medium adult food .our dog is large breed but she didn't like maxi adult food for some reason .but I guess she is being fussy and prefers smaller bites of food :) many breeders recommend happy dog ,and we very pleased with product
- sandra
always enjoyable and consistant quality
- John McMorrow
My dog is happy with this food.<br/>My only issue is that this is now my second bag and the balls of food are very broken up its as if the bag of food has been bashed around in transport
No name given
Dogs love it motions good dogs very healthy
- Della Oaks
My GSD absolutely loves it the dish is empty in a matter of seconds. First rate food.
- Dorothy Brooks
Excellent. Service and delivery on time as usual
- Peter Williamson, dog name is Zeus
The quality of the food is first rate large kibble is very helpful in reducing scoffing.
Dogs love it. Easy to use. Good quality and maintains the weight on our very active dogs. Competitive price.
- Fiona Thurm
My GSD loves it, no greater recommendation then that.
- Dorothy Brooks
dogs are happy. What more can i say!
No name given
Great product. My dog runs like an athlete on it!
No name given
Very palatable, like the large size kibble.
- Roy Tingey
Very good dog food happy dog is a wholesome food works great with my German Shepherds
No name given
Very good dog food happy dog is a wholesome food works great with my German Shepherds
No name given
The dogs love this & yes they really do less mess!
- Tracy Phillips
this food suits our dog down to the ground. he has grown up with happy dog and is almost one yr old now. his teeth are white and perfect and his coat is so so glossy everyone comments on. our vet says whatever we are doing to keep doing it as he has grown at the right stages and put on the perfect weight.
- amanda jordan
Dogs love it. Doing well on it. No problems. Easy to use
No name given
We are customers for years, I am german and only moved here a couple of months ago and<br/>very happy to be able to purchase Happy Dog in the UK!
- Judith Stewart
No name given
- terry johnson
- Wallace
No name given
No name given
Convenient to use and dog loves it
- Jan
- Michael
My dog's absolutely love it, and the kibble size is perfect for my gsd
- Lorna
Good quality. Liked kibble size for dogs teeth. Firm stool. Low odour both of which are very important .
No name given
Sometimes I need to add something to get my dog to eat it! But maybe he is just fussy!
- Wendy
Great food . Have a fussy Great Dane with a delicate stomach. This food really agrees with him , gives him a good coat and firm stools.
Dogs enjoying it, so I'm happy with it.
No name given
Product is what is says and a very happy dog.
- Peter
This food was no good for my dogs as it gave them the runs but thank u for letting me try it on my dogs.
- Linda
100% as said can not fault happy dogs products and the service at all.
- Chris
Both my Black Russian Terriers have sensitive stomachs- this is the only type of kibble we have tried which actually works, and has given them a long term relief from the chronic stomach upsets they suffered when on other brands. Clean bowls at each meal also show how tasty they find it!
- Caroline
Great as maintenance for large lab sized dogs
- David
My dog loves this food and it shows on her coat how good the food is for her.
- Kymm
Dogs love it no upset stomaks don't leave any puppy's love it
- Della
dog loves it, I love quick delivery of item
- amanda
- Elizabeth
- Lew
- Michael
Crunchy, satisfying nuggets for large breed dogs. The empty bowls at each meal time are proof of how much my Rottweilers relish this food from Happy Dog. My dogs have tried a number of other brands of kibble, but none compare to this brand, and has the added bonus of keeping their stomachs and digestion in good order.
- Caroline
No name given
The product is excellent,<br/>However,you won't​ be the first or last company to go out of business by taking your customers for granted.....................
- Markus Lewis
Wallace has enjoyed his Happy Dog from a very early age.
- Wallace
Humphrey loves his food. No problem with change from Jumior to Aduly
No name given
Bought from my breeder when my new puppy was purchased, he is doing so well, l have decided to use it for my other two adult dogs.
- lorraine trimby
great service and my german shepherd loves the food
- Peter Williamson
Dogs like it but I feel it's overpriced even with discount.
No name given
- Robert Notley
My dog loved his first bowl full!
- Penny Weeks
All my dogs liked this and I will be ordering more soon
- Julie Maria Green
Excellent food my three dogs love it
No name given
Satisfying, crunchy nuggets. Perfect for my two Rottweilers, who both have large appetites!
- Caroline Shaw
The best pet food in the world...
- Markus Lewis
fabulous product, the puppy loves it
No name given
Exccellent delivery service and quality food
- Richard Pitman
As Above, it says it all. f
- Frankie Duckworth
Our 2 year old Rottie has had Happy Dog since a pup - and has loved each stage of Happy Dog.
- Carole Divers
Our 2 year old Rottie has had Happy Dog since a pup - and has loved each stage of Happy Dog.
- Carole Divers
As usual very easy to order on line
No name given
Great food . Occasional offers and money off vouchers are a definite bonus
So easy to order and the dogs love it
- Michael Coupe
My german shepherd and border collie both love it.Praise enough for me
- Dorothy Brooks
My dog loves it eats it all up
- Alan Keeton
NHsve been feeding my dog Al with Happy dog since he joined the family four years ago and find that it siuts him well .
No name given
Excellent quality dog food for our Chow Chow
- Mark Hopes
Great food - great service & most of all - dogs love it
No name given
My dog loves the food, he is w healthy happy dog
- Hayley Littlefair
Excellent product would recommend to other dog owners.
No name given
His posture says it all folks....
- Markus Lewis
excellent as usual, cannot fault the product
No name given
excellent service and dog loves this food, his coat is so shiny and he is happy and healthy on it
No name given
because the service is excellent
- Keith Brooks
Dog loves it, great product
No name given
Makes one happy dog and with the next day delivery and friendly staff, one happy owner!
- Hugo Griffiths
The boys really enjoy this food
- Michael Coupe
My GSD and Border Collie absolutely love this food,nothing stops them eating until the dish is clear.
- Dorothy Brooks
Simply because its the best on the market!
- Markus Lewis
good food maintained our dogs weight and condition for the last 3 years
- Andy Lyons
Five star in every regard. Dogs look great, affordable, prompt delivery.
- lorraine trimby
Rio has been on Happy Dog dried good since we had him at 7 weeks old. He is 3 May 1st.and is in really good shape. He gets lots of compliments. He started with puppy food and is now on adult food. We are very happy with it.
- Jean Tatton
Great dog food my dog loves it
- Hayley Littlefair
Our dog absolutely loves this product. The breeder we got our dog from uses Happy Dog and we've just continued to use it. Wouldn't use anything else.
- Ruth Highton
My dog Barney loves this food
- Alan Keeton
The dogs do so well with all Happy Dog foods. They are healthy and their coats are just amazing.
Always brilliant. Excellent product, online experience and delivery.
- Alex Press
Excellent customer service samples sent promptly and food when ordered arrived next day and within the 30 minute time slot I was given
- helen santry
It’s a good food my dogs do very well on it
- Marie Ward
Because my dogs love it and they cant get enough of it,
- Keith Brooks
Because they didn’t have food I normally buy
- Lucia Sabel
Keeps my GSD in excellent condition
- Pipyn Le Cornu
fantastic service and the best quality at a great price
- amanda jordan
My dog has been fed happy dog since he was 9 weeks old, adult maxi for the past 18 to 24 months and thriving on it. It would be very difficult to find a dog in better condition
- David McCormack
Barney loves his adult maxi
- Alan Keeton
l started using this food when l bought a puppy who was raised on the puppy variety, he looked so good l changed my two adult dogs onto the adult one. They love it, never have upset tums, coats look fabulous, so on it they will be staying.
- lorraine trimby
Fantastic quality very pleased with my purchase and delivery
- Markus Lewis
Fantastic food for my Black Russian Terrier and French Bulldog who both have sensitive stomachs. The only Sensitive food on the market which we have tried which really works effectively long term.
- Caroline Shaw
My dogs love it and theres no mess and my dogs absolutely love it
- Keith Brooks
Barney loves your food...
- Alan Keeton
Excellent quality and Missy loves it!
- Vivienne Clarke
Very high quality food which the dogs love
- Pat Casey
Large size kibble stops my dog from bolting his foid
No name given
Nutritious and healthy food for our dog.
- Mary Gray
My dog Barney loves is adult maxi
- Alan Keeton
Really excellent product. Our dog gets loads of compliments
No name given
My dog loves this food and looks amazing on it!
- Nicky
Service is always second to none
No name given
High quality food that that my Newfoundland loves!
No name given
You are only on the end of a phone
- Keith Brooks
always a clean bowl with Happy Dog and he certainly is
No name given
Marley loves the food and you quick delivery time
No name given
My dog loves the food and always tries to get in the box when it arrives.
- Hayley Littlefair