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Our Commitment

Over 1 million raised for the children of Africa so far

1 million € for SOS Kinderdorf

Thanks to all Happy Dog Africa

and Mini Africa customers

So far, we have been able to donate a total

of 1 million euros with your help.

Learn more here.


SOS Children's Villages


Happy Dog supports a school and a vocational training centre in Kigali, the Rwandan capital, and an SOS Children’s Village in Burundi. These give young people the start they need to have an autonomous life and offer a new home to orphans.


Over 1,000,000 Euros have been collected to date through this great donation campaign.

This money has been put to the following purposes in the last few years:

  • 1000 children and pupils in Bujumbura (Burundi) receive a hot meal every day
  • Construction of a residential school for girls with 7 dormitories
  • Construction of 4 new workshops for the fields of carpentry / electrical installation
  • Construction of a sewerage and small-scale treatment plant
  • Preparation of an environmental study
  • Thicker concrete layer in the ground floors of the buildings
  • Installation of further metal doors


With the help of Happy Dog, children and young people in Kigali can prepare for an independent life and look forward to a secure future.


You can help



You can also support the"Future for Africa" initiative by buying Happy Dog Supreme Sensitive Africa*
  • Only on source of animal protein
  • With gluten free potatoes
  • Grain free

* Happy Dog will donate up to 2% from the sale of every pack of Africa sold (1kg and larger)


Children sos
Children sos
Children sos

Protective Instincts

Protective Instincts

We offer help for disabled or sick children and the elderly as well as dogs in need. The Protective Instinct organisation campaigns on behalf of dogs and people in equal measure, and as a non-profit organisation is reliant on donations.

Happy Dog supports Protective Instinct

This non-profit organisation was founded in 2008 by Sonja Zietlow and a group of committed people with warm hearts. It is financed solely by donations, and campaigns on behalf of dogs and humans in equal measure.

Extract from its activities in 2013:

  • Animal assisted therapy for 38 children
  • Financing of 10 assistance dogs
  • Training for 10 canine team visits
  • Financial assistance for dog owners in need

Trained "experienced" dogs take chronically sick and traumatised children out of their mundane hospital lives under the motto "Experience adventure".


You can help

You can also support Protective Instincts organisation by buying Happy Dog Supreme Sensitive Karibik!*
  • With sea fish (MSC( as the only source of animal protein
  • With gluten free potatoes
  • Grain Free

*Happy Dog donates a minimum amount of 20,000 Euros per year

Official Partner of VDH

The Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (Germany’s Kennel Club and abbreviated to VDH) is the leading representative of the interests of all dog owners in Germany – the number one address for people living with dogs, dog sports and dog breeding.

At Happy Dog we work closely with the VDH and are committed to regularly supporting campaigns and events organised by the association.

The start of June every year is the Day of the Dog all across Germany. The dog is duly celebrated with hundreds of events by dog associations, veterinary practices and many other organisations.

Every year Happy Dog, as an official partner to the VDH, supports the organisers in their activities with a generous quantity of food samples that can be given out to all participants.

The 2014 Day of the Dog is on 1 June.

K9 Search Dog Centre

K9 Search Dog Centre

Happy Dog is a partner of K9 search dog centre

The Search Dog Centre headed by Alexandra Grunow and Rovena Lankau trains dogs that can track people by their smell. In addition to the formation of the K-9 Trainer Trail helping for years the police and the LKA in Germany volunteer in the areas of rescue and forensics in Real inserts to track missing persons or pets. "Our dogs detect the missing before they are lost forever," Alexandra Grunow describes her work.

Happy Dog supports Suchhunde centre with food and material donations, joint actions and events.

For the Environment

Responsibility for people, animals and the environment – this is a topic very close to the heart of Georg Müller, owner and managing director of our Bavarian family-run company. “Environmental protection is an important business objective in our company. We want to be kind to the environment and protect it. We regard this is as an obligation to future generations of people and animals," he says.
We have already implemented a variety of measures over recent years:
  • Construction of an (80 Kwp) PV installation to generate green energy
  • Production using condensate recovery system to save water and energy
  • Our production facilities always conform to the latest environmental standards
  • All our transport packaging is made from 100 % recycled paper


We buy up to 80% of our raw ingredients in the region, thus shortening transport distances and protecting the environment

The Billion Tree Campaign

Billion tree campaign

The Billion Tree Campaign - Growing Green

Plant for the Planet is supported by Happy Dog: Since the start of 2011 we have invested 5 Cents per pack in reforestation – this will probably allow 2,500 trees to be planted every year.

The Plant for the Planet project and particularly the Billion Tree Campaign has the goal of planting 1 million trees in every country of the world.

This campaign was initiated by the then 9 year-old Felix, who had come across the Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize-winner Wangari Maathai while doing his homework. The environmental activist had planted 30 million trees in 30 years to capture CO2 and stop global warming.

Mangroves are planted, for example, in Kuala Gula, Malaysia as part of a school project. Mangrove forests are essential there for fish, crabs, shellfish and crustaceans, endangered wildlife and bird species, the variety of plant life and for defence against stormy seas and tsunamis.