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A good start in life:

The right diet for puppies with Happy Dog

Based on the latest scientific evidence, Happy dog have a 2-phase concept for puppies of mid-sized and large breeds


A balanced and species-appropriate diet is essential to ensure that a puppy grows up as he should.

With our 50 years of recipe expertise, we have formulated recipes which focus on the specific needs of puppies and young dogs as they develop through the different life stages.

Meaning that your puppy will receive everything that his body needs - for a strong immune system through to a healthy coat.

Baby - the 1st phase of growth

The first 6 months are the “main growth phase”. During this time, baby dogs grow very quickly. Their need for energy and high quality nutrients in appropriate amounts is correspondingly high during this period.

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Junior – the 2nd phase of growth

It can then take quite a long time to reach the final weight - as much as 12 to 18 months. The energy content of the food is reduced to avoid growth disorders. This recipe is the perfect transition to an adult food. 

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In short:

  • 2-phase nutrition concept based on the latest scientific evidence:
  • Baby: from 4 weeks through to the 2nd dentition (6 months)
  • Junior: reduced energy content from 7 to 17 months to avoid growth disorders.
  • Three delicious varieties
  • Two phase puppy diet