Being a dog owner is PRICELESS

A 1970’s charity campaign to make people more aware of the long-term implications of owning a dog coined the phrase ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.’ Here at Happy Dog we know that a dog is for life but one thing that new dog owners can sometimes over look is the life long financial cost that dogs can bring. As a family of dog lovers, we think that every penny is worth it but to make owning your dog a life time of happy memories we thought we’d share a few tips for managing the cost and what you can and can’t save on.


It goes without saying that looking after your dog’s health is an area not to be scrimped upon. Regular flea and worm treatments are imperative to keep your dog healthy and annual vaccinations should be scheduled to prevent costly and unpleasant canine illness.


Whilst it is an added monthly cost, and one that is only getting more expensive, it still remains a strong investment and one that could pay dividends in the long term should your dog fall ill with a ‘one off’ illness or a ‘for life’ condition. Choosing a ‘for life’ policy means that you can enjoy cover for the entire life of the dog should a condition arise such as diabetes or arthritis.


Caring for your dog’s skin, coat, nails and teeth is essential to their health and wellbeing but with appropriate guidance from a veterinary nurse it is something that can be done at home. It is important to appreciate that each dog should be groomed and clipped in a different way depending on the type of coat it has. Buying the correct brush and nail clippers at the beginning and getting your dog used to being groomed on a regular basis will be beneficial in the long run. If you're looking to get that extra shiny coat, why don't you try out our Hair Special supplement.


Just as with humans a dog will only be at its best if it eats correctly and is exercised appropriately. Finding a food that suits your dog – be that based on one that he enjoys or one that suits a particular dietary requirement – is imperative and seeking advice from industry professionals can prove most helpful. Managing your dog’s diet from the very onset gives you complete control of your dog’s wellbeing and an understanding of just what a pivotal effect good food can have on your pet.


Large or small it is important to ensure your dog receives consistent exercise commensurate with its breed, health and lifestyle requirements. Failure to take this into account when taking ownership of a dog is one of the biggest reasons that people relinquish their pets as they can become disruptive, lethargic and unresponsive if not exercised appropriately. And should you be unable to walk your dog at any time for any reason, hiring a dog walker can be a cost effective way to maintain your dog’s health. All that said, a dog will become a part of your family. He is a faithful friend to each and every one of you and with proper care, love and attention he really is priceless.
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