Sustainability matters

Our environment needs protecting

We want to be kind to the environment and protect it for the future. We have several projects to help nature, people and animals alike.

Sustainability out of conviction

Environmental protection

We participate in the “ECOPROFIT” project with the aim of improving our sustainability and efficiency. We do much more than the law requires. Out of conviction, not compulsion.

Half a million already invested

in massive photovoltaic system for green electricity and our condensate recovery system which saves both water and energy by returning them to the production circuit

Recyclable packaging

All of our shipping packaging for small packs is made from board based on 100 % unbleached and solvent-free recycled paper.

We plant lots of trees

Since the start of 2011, we have invested 5 cents for every pack we dispatch in the replanting of woodlands. This has allowed around 2500 trees to be planted every year. A tree absorbs about 10 kilos of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

stop talking start planting
our tree planting goals

SOS Children's Village Africa

Over 1 million euros already donated

We are very proud of this project

Since May 2009, Happy Dog has donated 2 % of the retail price of every pack of Africa or Mini Africa sold (1 kg or larger) to SOS Children’s Villages in Africa. Over 1 million euros have been collected to date through this donation campaign.

Happy dog africa

Helping to build more space

The donations are currently supporting the SOS Children’s Village Rutana. The primary school there is being extended in order to be able to accept more children. The annexe building comprises three additional classrooms, a library, a laboratory, the teachers’room, washrooms and a multipurpose hall.

You can help support as well

With every bag you buy of either Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Africa or Mini Africa we will donate 2% of the retail price.

Official partner to the VDH

The Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (Germany’s Kennel Club and abbreviated to VDH) is the leading representative of the interests of all dog owners in Germany – the number one address for people living with dogs, dog sports and dog breeding.


At Happy Dog we work closely with the VDH and are committed to regularly supporting campaigns and events organised by the association. The start of June every year is the Day of the Dog all across Germany.


The dog is duly celebrated with hundreds of events arranged by dog associations, veterinary practices and many other organisations.


Every year Happy Dog, as an official partner to the VDH, supports the organisers in their activities with a generous quantity of food samples that can be given out to all participants.

VDH logo

k-9 Search Dog Centre

The Search Dog Centre, under the leadership of Alexandra Grunow and Rovena Lankau, trains dogs that can find people from their scent alone. As well as training the K-9 Trail Trainers, they have for years been helping the police and state Criminal Investigation Office (LKA) on a voluntary basis. All across Germany, they have assisted in rescue and forensic operations in real situations for tracking people and pets.

“Our dogs can track down lost people before they are lost forever,” describes Alexandra Grunow.


Happy Dog supports the Search Dog Centre with donations of food and other items, joint campaigns and events.


You will find further information about K-9 on the website:

K9 logo