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Making Every Purchase Count: Happy Dog's Mission to Support Rescue Dogs

At Happy Dog, our love for canines extends beyond providing high-quality dog food; it's about making a significant difference in the lives of dogs in need. We're excited to share the impact of our ongoing initiatives and how, with your help, we're turning everyday purchases into lifelines for rescue dogs across the UK and ROI.

The Power of Your Purchase

Every time you choose Happy Dog for your furry friend, you're not just ensuring they receive nutritious, balanced meals—you're also contributing to the welfare of rescue dogs. Through our innovative Paw to Paw and donation schemes, we've devised a way to make every pound spent count towards supporting those pups who haven't had the easiest start in life.

Paw to Paw: A Campaign with Heart

The Paw to Paw initiative is our pledge to rescue dogs, transforming purchases into donations of Happy Dog food. For every £1 spent, customers earn meal tokens, which can then be redeemed to donate Happy Dog food to rescue centres in need. This direct action approach has already resulted in over 5,460 kilograms of dog food donations, and we're just getting started. Learn more here.

A Chance to Nominate and Support

What sets our campaign apart is the opportunity for you, our valued customers, to nominate rescue centres that hold a special place in your hearts. Each month, we commit to donating at least three pallets of Happy Dog food, equating to over 6,300 daily meals, ensuring that the nominated rescues can provide for their furry residents. See previous beneficiaries.

Engage, Nominate, and Win

We want our community to be actively involved in the process. By participating in our monthly competitions and games, you not only have the chance to win but also the opportunity to highlight and support a rescue that means something to you. It's our way of giving back and fostering a community spirit that values every dog's well-being.

Looking Forward

As we continue to refine and improve our rewards and donation programs, we're keenly observing how these changes enhance engagement and support for rescue centres. Our goal is not just to donate but to inspire a movement of collective action towards making a difference in the lives of dogs in need.

Join Us

We invite you to be a part of this rewarding journey. Whether by making a purchase, nominating a rescue, or participating in our monthly competitions, your involvement is crucial to the success of our mission. Together, we can ensure that rescue dogs not only survive but thrive.

For more details on how to get involved and to see this month's competition. Let's make every dog's life a happy one, with Happy Dog.

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