• Good for digestion

    Highly Digestible

    When food is easily digestible, your dog will have smaller, firmer poop. Happy Dog diets are extremely digestible and well-tolerated.

  • Good for skin and coat

    Healthy Skin & Coat

    Highly nutritious, enriched with vitamins and perfectly balanced, containing a rich blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

  • Tailored for every age

    Tailored for every age

    A perfectly balanced, nutritious diet designed to support puppies through to senior dogs at all stages of life, tailored for various activity levels and metabolic needs.

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Looking to try before you buy?

Having shipped over 172,000 orders, we know that purchasing a large order can be intimidating. That’s why we offer a free sample of both our dry and wet food—you just cover the shipping. This way, you can easily determine if our products are right for your dog without any stress.

Our customers love what we do, as do we!

Along with our long experience and high quality ingredients, we believe that love is the most important component of our pet food. Happy Dog has been developed by our own vets and it's their scientific approach that makes us unique. Every bag is natural, balanced and will provide a great shiny coat and a healthy happy dog.

Happy Dog's Paw to Paw

With every £10 a customer spends, we Happy Dog will donate a day's worth of food to a dog in need.

  • Puppy Feeding Guide

    From the first to their last steps. Our diets are developed by vets to make sure your loved ones get the nutrition they require. Discover Happy Dogs’ two-phase diet designed to give your pup the best start in life.

  • Puppy Food
  • Specially Designed Puppy Kibble

    Understand why we’ve chosen to design our puppy dry food in an easy breakable and easily digestible heart shape. Our heart-shaped kibble is perfect for developing puppies.