Collection: Wet Dog Food

Discover Our Premium Wet Dog Food Collection: Explore our selection of natural, high-quality wet dog food, made from 100% pure meat and completely grain-free. Ideal for senior dogs, dogs with food intolerances, or those needing an alternative to the BARF diet, our wet dog food ensures your pet receives the nutrition they deserve.

Key Features:

100% Meat: Pure, high-quality meat for a protein-rich diet.

Complete Wet Food: A complete and balanced diet.

Grain-Free: Perfect for dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities.

Variety of Flavours: Choose from traditional options like lamb, turkey, and sea fish, or explore unique flavours such as kangaroo, ostrich, and game.

Gluten-Free: Supports dogs with gluten intolerance or those on specialised diets.

Additional Nutrient Boost:

Dog Food Flakes: Enhance your dog’s meal with our nutritious dog food flakes, perfect as a mixer or a BARF diet alternative.