Best Dry Food For Senior Dogs UK

Best Dry Food For Senior Dogs UK

What changes in old age and when to consider a new diet?

Many aging processes are rather stealthy and can initially go unnoticed by a dog owner. Internal organs such as the liver and kidneys and the cardio-vascular system often become less efficient, most metabolic functions slow down and the immune defence is generally weaker than in young animals. The senses such as hearing, sight, smell and taste also become less efficient over time. Sometimes dogs will suddenly refuse to eat their usual food.

  • For many breeds, you should start to regularly visit the vet when the dog reaches 7–9 years old, it is around this time that you should look to move over to a senior diet.
  • Ask a vet for a general health check and for blood tests to be carried out from time to time.
  • Maintain the ideal weight by matching the amount of food to the actual energy requirements. Surplus pounds are a health risk.

    What makes our dry dog food a great choice for senior dogs?

    1. A moderate fat content matched to the dog’s falling energy requirements.
    2. High-quality and easily digestible proteins as the performance of the digestive tract and metabolism decrease.
    3. Appropriately increased crude fibre and roughage content to prevent colonic inertia and constipation.
    4. Moderate phosphorus and protein content to relieve strain on the kidneys.

    This will all help to ensure that your senior four-legged friend remains fit and agile long into his old age. If in doubt, your vet can tell you when it is time to change to a senior food.

    What dry dog food is best for my senior dog

    Depending on the size of your breed determines at what age your dog is considered a senior dog. For medium and large breeds this is at the lower end of the 7-9 years and for small breeds the higher end.

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    Dry food for medium to large breed senior dogs

    Happy Dog fit & vital Senior is perfectly tailored to the needs of older dogs since organ metabolism changes with increasing age. The recipe protects the internal organs, making it ideal for older dogs, and promotes vitality and joie de vivre right into old age.

    Dry food for small breed senior dogs

    Vitality for the third life stage of breeds up to 10 kg. To protect the internal organs, you should provide a suitable senior food with reduced levels of protein, sodium and phosphorus. Happy Dog Mini Senior is particularly well balanced.

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