How to Reduce Firework Fear in Dogs

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November... ...Because it's probably the scariest night of the year for our furry family members!

But don't panic, there's lots we can do. By employing a few simple steps, we can help our dogs cope with the loud bangs, screeches and flashes that will be occurring over the next couple of weeks. Here are our top-tips for reducing firework fear in your dog:

1. Exercise Before Nightfall

Ensure you exercise your dog before nightfall. You don't want to be out walking when the fireworks start.

2. Ensure your Home is a Secure Environment

You do not want your dog to escape should he experience a state of anxiousness or fright.

3. Set up a Dog Den

Create a den or set up a crate for your dog. Use his favourite toys and blankets to create a safe environment he can hide in should he wish to.

4. Buy Some Dog Chews

Giving your dog a chew can help distract him and take his mind off the fireworks. Buy something that will take a while to chew, the longer you can keep him distracted, the better.

5. Minimise The Noise from Outside

This can be done by having the TV on or playing music during firework displays. Rhythmical music can help your dog to relax.

6. Play and Train

Playing and training your dog can create a good distraction. It will help to distract him from any negative emotions. Use treats as a positive reward to keep him focussed and happy.

7. Act Normal

Try to act as normal as possible as dogs are sensitive to our behaviour. Remaining calm, happy and cheerful will send positive signals to your dog.

8. Use Aromatherapy

Burn a scented candle or set up a diffuser- the calming effects from essential oils can help to relieve a dog's stress and anxiety. Happy Dog sell a products from the Aroma & Therapy range by Stephen Cordina. All products in collection are hand crafted from natural ingredients, offer beneficial therapeutic side effects and are perfect for eliminating common dog odours.

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