Sammy's back....!

From time to time I hear my humans wondering out loud why I find it impossible to greet them without something in my mouth.

They say they are delighted that I am bringing them a present and then get grumpy when I refuse to release the drool-sodden item.

They speculate that this "compulsion" to pick things up and wander around with them is something to do with my spaniel heritage (I am a cockapoo, proud offspring of a cocker spaniel and a miniature poodle).

This is nonsense, of course, as any dog could tell you.

We simply feel more complete when we have something in our mouths, just as you humans are never content unless you have something in your hand: those nasty smoky sticks, a glass or mug with flavoured water in it or (almost always, these days) those strange, slim, oblong devices which you are constantly prodding, swiping and even talking at.

Every now and then, it is true, we present you with our soggy ball, chew or stick and expect you to throw it for us.

Why? We're just trying to get you put your oblongs down for a minute and enjoy life!

Keep woofin'

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