For People, The Planet and Our Pets This World Environment Day

We grow trees

It’s no secret that here at Happy Dog we love dogs, but we also love nature too. That’s why we’re celebrating our amazing planet this World Environment Day, and raising awareness of actions which can help protect it.

This year’s theme is biodiversity. Biodiversity encompasses all variety of life on earth from our favourite four-legged friends, to our plants, bacteria and fungi. Our planet is so incredibly diverse, however, many of our species are seriously under threat from the climate crisis, which is why we all need to stand up and take action.

Research suggests that in 50 years’ time, a third of all plant and animal species on our planet could be wiped out due to climate change.

That’s why this World Environment Day we all need to take action. Biodiversity affects every one of us on the planet, whether it's from the food you eat or the water you drink, protecting our planet and everything on it is vital for our future.

So what are we doing to help?

Whether it’s our carbon-neutral delivery, involvement in the “ECOPROFIT” project or investing in our photovoltaic system for green electricity, we’re taking steps to help safeguard our home.

In fact, Since the start of 2011, we have invested 5 cents for every pack we dispatch in the replanting of woodlands. This has allowed around 2,500 trees to be planted every year. So far we’ve planted over 23,841 trees.

So, if you’re looking to find out more about World Environment Day 2020, and what you can do to help protect our planet here.

Or, find out more about our commitment to sustainability here.

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