The best indoor games for dogs

The best indoor games for dogs

Best indoor games for dogs

Best Indoor Games

When the weathers bad, try some of these games to keep your dog entertained and mentally challenged.

Best Indoor Games For Dogs

When the weathers bad, try some of these games to keep your dog entertained and mentally challenged.

Even when outdoor activities are limited due to the weather, you can keep your dog both physically and mentally engaged at home. Boredom can lead to unusual behaviours, so it's crucial to have plenty of fun indoor options for your furry friend.

For the Smart Pups and Their Clever Owners


Intelligence games

These are a hit among dog owners. For instance, try hiding a dog treat under a paper cup and encourage your dog to find it. Start with one cup and, if successful, add another. Allow your dog to observe where you place it and reward them when they find the treat quickly. You can increase the challenge by using up to three cups.

Snuffle Mats: Enriching Your Dog's Mind and Senses


Snuffle mats are an excellent tool to tap into your dog's innate instincts while providing mental stimulation and entertainment. Use one of our mats to engage your dog's senses and mental acuity, keeping them sharp and engaged. 


The concept is simple but effective. You hide dog treats within the mat's creases, and your dog is tasked with using their remarkable sense of smell to locate each hidden morsel. It's a delightful and rewarding challenge for your furry companion.


Pet stores also offer a variety of pre-made board games designed to stimulate your dog's play and feeding instincts. These include challenging brain teasers that require multiple tasks to be completed before the reward is earned.

For the Detective Dogs and Energetic Athletes


Games of search and hide-and-seek are great fun. Hide in another room and praise your dog when they find you there. Alternatively, hide your dog's favourite toy or a dog treat in your home and have them search for it. Incorporate tasks like running through a tunnel or create your own mini obstacle course using a blanket and two chairs.


You can even turn this into a home agility course, where your dog jumps over broomsticks, weaves around bottles, crawls through a makeshift tunnel, and tackles a long jump over a low obstacle. Let your creativity shine, but ensure all activities are safe and don't cause fear.

Click Your Way to Success


Clicker training is another engaging option, albeit a bit more intricate. With this method, dogs learn to associate the clicker's specific sound with a reward. Clicker training can be used for basic commands, tricks, and entertaining stunts. It's essential to gather detailed information or, better yet, attend a training course to fully understand this technique.

A Gentle Reminder


While playing and learning with your dog, be mindful not to overwhelm them. Short, positive sessions lasting just a few minutes throughout the day are often sufficient. You will be amazed how  quickly your dog will get tired from the stimulation. Always conclude each activity on a positive note to ensure your dog feels accomplished and content.

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