Puppy dog food

The first six months are the "main growth phase". They require high quality protein and nutrients.

Junior dog food

The next 6- 12 months require a reduced protein content to help prevent any growth disorders.

Healthy adult dog food

Now fully grown, finding the right diet to match their energy requirements is key. 

Senior dog food

Now in old age, diets with a lower fat and phosphorus are needed.

Happy Dog UK

Dog Snuffle Training Mat

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Introducing our Happy Dog Snuffle Mat – the ultimate intelligence toy, suitable for dogs of all sizes. This innovative pet accessory guarantees to engage your furry companion's mind, offering hours of entertainment and relaxation. 

- Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm
- Colour: Blue / White

Key Features:

1. Concentration Training: The Happy Dog Snuffle Mat serves as an exceptional tool for enhancing your dog's concentration skills. You can hide treats or toys within its textured surface to challenge your pup's problem-solving abilities.

2. Stress Relief & Relaxation: Designed to help dogs unwind and find comfort through the act of sniffing, this carpet is an excellent stress-relief tool for your four-legged friend, especially during anxious moments.

3. Boosts Self-Esteem: Our Snuffle Mat is ideal for building your dog's self-esteem, making it particularly valuable for therapy work. It benefits stress, fear, or handicapped dogs as they engage in this confidence-boosting activity.

4. Cuddle Mat Option: Beyond being a training aid, this versatile accessory can double as a cozy cuddle mat. Your dog will adore snuggling up on its soft, textured surface.

5. Easy Maintenance: Worried about keeping it clean? Don't be. The Happy Dog Snuffle Mat is machine washable at 40°C, ensuring it stays fresh and hygienic for your pet.

6. Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, this carpet has undergone rigorous testing for harmful substances and complies with Öko Tex Standard 100, ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry family member.

Invest in your dog's mental and emotional well-being with the Happy Dog Snuffle Mat. Watch as they embark on a journey of fun, relaxation, and skill-building, all while enjoying a stylish and comfortable setting. Order yours today and witness the joy it brings to your beloved pet's life.