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Lamb & Rice Biscuit - Healthy Dog Biscuits


Healthy Dog Treats

Also great dog treats for sensitive stomachs and as dental dog treats.

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Healthy Dog biscuits made from whole grains, with high-quality rice and meat only from lambs, minerals and wheat germ.

Our wholegrain dog biscuits are not healthy just due to high-quality vitamins and minerals. A further practical side benefit for dog snacks is dental care: by chewing the dog biscuit your dog is cleaning its teeth, which freshens its breath.

Nutritional Information

Additional Information

Cereals and vegetable by-products (of which rice 20.0%, wheat germ 6.0%), meat and animal by-products (100% lamb) premixed minerals.
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Average Rating

these biscuits take longer for the dog to eat as he crunches them and they clean his teeth, have given some to a relative and their dog was the same, really enjoy them and don't just swallow them quickly
No name given
My dogs love these biscuits and look for more once they've had their quota.
- Julie Haynes
Our dogs love these treat biscuits.
- Alan
Great product, the dogs absolutely love them.<br/>Lhasa Apsos are not big dogs but they love to crunch on these biscuits
- Wendy Cain
Quality ingredients that my dog loves
- Victoria
Great products and service
No name given
Have 39 dogs who have given the 5 stars - no rejections!
- Sheena Vella
These biscuits are harder than the average dog biscuit and work well to help clean teeth and all the dogs love them.
- Sheena Vella
I don't need to rate them - the dogs do and we keep repeating the order!
- Sheena Vella
Our Lady Labrador dog does tend to over weight (as we are constantly reminded by the VET) so we tried light calorie food.<br />The dog loves it, she is very healthy , fit and we have now controlled her weight with it
- Malcolm Bradshaw
The dogs love these biscuits
No name given
the dogs love the biscuits and crunching is good for their teeth
- G Stockton
One of the few foods on the Market that agrees with both my Breeds
- Margo Webster
Wholesome, additive free and good and crunchy. Hard enough to be chewed properly, my collie usually just swallows biscuits.
- Anne Warrington