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Find out how your dog can benefit from Ostrich

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 Why your dog will benefit from Ostrich in its food?

 Ostrich is naturally a source of meat with low fat, cholesterol and calorie contents, it is also optimal for dogs that require a variety with moderate fat content (overweight dogs or dogs suffering from EPI, etc.).

 Moreover, as ostrich is a very rare protein source – that is why there are hardly any allergies known against ostrich. Therefore, it is an ideal animal protein for dogs with food intolerances. The Happy Dog Africa is such also perfect for a dog that needs to go onto an elimination diet. It is particularly suitable for food-sensitive or even allergic dogs with their special needs.

 Ostrich meat is naturally high in iron which is important for the energy metabolism in cells and most important the oxygen transport in the blood.

The Happy Dog Africa is, like all Happy Dog foods, made using high-quality raw materials which gives it a particularly high digestibility (over 90%) #LESSPOOPTOSCOOP and therefore making it a very wholesome product to the highest standards!

Benefits of ostrich

 Potatoes build the carbohydrate source in the Happy Dog Supreme Africa. They do not contain any gluten and are recommended for animals with grain intolerances.

 Valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids - important for healthy skin and a shiny coat - round off the exclusive recipe. The croquettes are perfectly adapted for the teeth of medium and large-breed dogs.

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 We have two varieties of Africa available; Mini Africa - suitable for all Mini and Toy breeds, Supreme Africa - suitable for all Medium and Large breeds.

  Mini Africa bag Supreme Africa  



 Mini Africa - Available in 1 & 4 kg bags

Prices start from;

1kg was £6.99 now £4.19

4kg was £24.99 now £14.99


Supreme Africa - Available in 1,4 & 12.5kg

Prices start from;

1kg was £6.99 now £4.19

4kg was £24.99 now £14.99

12.5kg was £56.99 now £34.19



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Did you know?


 Happy Dog is not only taking care of your pets, we take responsibility towards humans, animals and the environment in various initiatives and projects.

 You can also support the "Future for Africa" initiative by buying Happy Dog Supreme Sensitive Africa - Happy Dog will donate up to 1.30 Euros from the sale of every pack of Africa sold (1kg and larger)!

 Over 840,000 Euros have been collected to date through this great donation campaign.

 This money has been put to the following purposes in the last few years:

 • 1000 children and pupils in Bujumbura (Burundi) receive a hot meal every day  • Construction of a residential school for girls with 7 dormitories
 • Construction of 4 new workshops for the fields of carpentry / electrical installation  • Construction of a sewerage and small-scale treatment plant
 • Preparation of an environmental study  • Thicker concrete layer in the ground floors of the buildings
 • Installation of further metal doors  

 SOS Kinder

 With the help of Happy Dog, children and young people in Kigali can prepare for an independent life and look forward to a secure future.

Children benefiting from the Africa project

 Another project amongst others is the ‘Billion Tree Campaign - Growing Green’. Plant for the Planet is supported by Happy Dog: Since the start of 2011 we have invested 5 Cents per pack in reforestation – this will probably allow 2,500 trees to be planted every year.