Breeder of Crufts Reserve Champion 2015 Feeds Happy Dog

Kennel Club Assured Breeder, Dorothy Brooks, Recommends Happy Dog

Dorothy Brooks, who is part of The Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme and breeder of the flatcoat Dublin, Reserve Best in Show dog at Crufts, supports and feeds Happy Dog. Dublin came second overall at the World’s largest dog show after claiming both the Best of Breed and Best Gundog titles. “Over the years I have tried various foods that haven’t suited my dogs even though the manufacturers often stated their foods should suit all dogs!"said Dorothy. "Therefore, when I first fed Happy Dog I did it with trepidation. But I really didn’t need to because my dogs loved it and more importantly it suited their digestive systems. They all look amazing on Happy Dog especially their coats which are like mirrors they are so shiny. My young bitch which I share with my friend Susan (who incidentally also feeds Happy Dog) is testament to how well she looks on Happy Dog as she took the bitch CC at Birmingham Ch.Sh. recently. I have recommended Happy Dog food to quite a lot of people.”
"I have recommended Happy Dog to quite a lot of people!" Dorothy Brooks

Breeder of Champions

Dorothy bought her first golden retriever as a pet in 1986 and her first flatcoat in 1988. She started going to a few shows in 1991 just after she had her first litter of flatcoats. “It was very exciting when they first qualified for Crufts.,” said Dorothy. “I had a lot of fun with them both in the show ring and in gundog training and tests; I used to pick up with two flatcoats at my local shoot,”. “Flatcoat exhibitors are all so friendly and supportive,” she continued. “I opened a boarding kennels in 1996 and so the shows and gundog work had to take a back seat for a few years until I could afford any help in the kennels. I bought in a bitch from the Gayplume kennel and always knew she was something special. I mated her to Lakemere Moonlight Shadow JW ShCM and out of the litter I kept Bb who gained her junior warrant and Sue Pingree had her brother who is a Show Champion. I had a litter of flatcoats in 2000 from another bought in bitch and out of 6 pups born one of them became a show champion and one of them won the flatcoated retriever club open field trial. Incidentally the show champion is still alive and well (2015).” Dorothy bred another litter in 2004 of which she kept a bitch who went on to become Sh.Ch.Castlerock Magic Moment JW and three of her siblings also gained their stud book numbers. I bred from Magic in 2010 and one of the male pups, Dublin, went to live in Sweden with his new owner Anette Dyren who actually bred his sire. “Dublin has proved to be an excellent example of the breed,” said Dorothy. “He’s a multiple champion and actually won Reserve Best in Show at Crufts in 2015. I kept his litter sister Remi and she has been very lightly shown but has gained her stud book number. Another brother Lewis has won 1 CC in UK. I feel very humbled that my dogs have done incredibly well in the ring and some also in the field. Remi had a litter in 2013 and one of the pups is being shown and has done quite well for his young handler. Remi had a second litter in March 2015 and I have kept a bitch River who I am hoping will make her mark. River’s litter sister went to live in Spain with Malcolm Godefroy who also owns a dog I bred that is now a Portugese champion and is 3 years old! My friend Susan and I imported Gaode (Flatham’s Gaode Delbax from Castlerock JW Imp Swe) from Dublin’s first litter, she is 3 years old and has done us proud up to now.” To find out more about Dorothy and her wonderful dogs by visiting her website: Dorothy Brooks feeds her flatcoats on Happy Dog
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