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Experience the tailored essence of Happy Dog Young's heart-shaped kibble, expertly crafted for your puppy's unique needs.

Attaining balanced and species-appropriate nutrition stands as a pivotal requirement for your puppy's optimal growth. Recognising the variance in growth among dogs weighing over 10 kg (adult weight) during the puppy and young dog stages, the formulations of Happy Dog Young products have been meticulously fashioned to cater to the demands of each phase. These products offer everything your puppy requires: promoting harmonious development, nurturing robust immune defences, fostering sturdy tendons and joints, and nurturing a lustrous coat.

The Happy Dog Young collection presents an unparalleled pinnacle of quality, encapsulated in a distinctive kibble shape. Our puppy food assumes the form of hearts, a design that goes beyond aesthetics. The heart-shaped kibbles bear a functional significance: the central hole ensures the dry pieces break down more easily, and their expanded surface area aids in superior digestion compared to conventional dry food.

Happy Dog Young Heart-Shaped Kibbles for Puppies

Tailored Dual-Phase Nutrition for Puppies and Young Dogs

The protein and energy requirements vary for medium-sized and large breeds as they progress from puppy to young dog. To align with age-appropriate and necessity-based growth, Happy Dog introduces the ingenious 2-phase concept.

Phase 1 (1st to 6th month): Intense Growth Phase for Your Precious Pup


The initial six months are characterised by the "main growth phase." During this period, your puppy undergoes rapid transformation. By the conclusion of Phase 1, a pup attains around 75% of its future adult weight, contingent on the breed. The precise energy content and premium nutrients in suitable proportions, inherent in our Happy Dog Puppy products, stand as fundamental elements for your pup's exquisite start.

Advantages of Happy Dog Puppy Products:

Ideal for the intensive growth during the first 6 months

Boosts the immune system

Recipes devoid of wheat and gluten

Contains 30% protein, 16% fat

Phase 2 (6th to 18th month): Gradual Growth and Moderate Energy Requirements


A span of 6 to 12 additional months is essential for a young dog to approach full adulthood. The 2nd growth phase introduces a more gradual pace of growth. Weight gain decelerates, necessitating moderate energy levels in the food during this stage. Therefore, it's recommended to transition from Puppy products to Happy Dog Junior products around the sixth month, a period in which your puppy will also undergo teething.

Advantages of Happy Dog Junior Products:

Fosters harmonious growth during the young dog phase

Supports joint health

Recipes free from wheat and gluten

Contains 26% protein, 13% fat

Happy Dog Puppy & Junior Wet Food and Treats

Happy Dog Sensible Puppy & Junior wet food, comes in either wholesome lamb with easy to digest rice or with salmon and easy to digest potatoes. The recipes are gluten-free and made without added sugar.

With over 90 % animal protein in the total protein, this high-quality wet food is suitable for dogs from 8 weeks old. Sensible Puppy & Junior Wet Dog Food can be given on its own as a complete food or combined with a Happy Dog dry food.

The Benefits of Happy Dog Puppy & Junior Wet Food

Seamless Transition of Food

To prevent any undue strain on your puppy's digestive system, a sudden replacement of familiar food with an entirely new one should be avoided. It's prudent to introduce the new food gradually by substituting a portion of their regular food with the new alternative. Your puppy's meal will then encompass a blend of the old and new food in varying proportions:

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