Holidays and leaving your pet behind!

Holidays are coming! Tis' the time of year when dog owners across the nation will be looking for reliable holiday care for their dog. We recognise that it can be a worrying time, so here are a few tips to help you find a boarding kennels that means you have one less thing to worry about whilst enjoying your well earned rest.


Start by asking other dog owners, perhaps your groomers or vets for recommendations within your local area. And then, go visit the kennels before you hand over your dog to them. This will allow you to get a feel for the place and its owners.

Things to look out for include:

  • Cleanliness – It is essential to have clean kennels to maintain the welfare of the animals
  • Security – Are the dogs well contained both in their individual kennels and when they are in the exercise paddock or on a walk?
  • Insurance – Boarding kennels must be licensed by the local authority and also should have full, comprehensive insurance
  • Health – Do the kennels insist on a full vaccination card including kennel cough? If not, then they should be discounted.


Once you’ve visited some kennels you are then able to make an informed decision. If all of the above are covered then it’s probably worth going on gut instinct. If the kennels is clean, draught free, warm, your dog has adequate human company each day and it will accommodate any special health considerations and dietary requirements without complaint then you’ve probably found the one for you and your dog. Once you have decided on a kennels, or you already have a reputable provider, it is well worth booking as far in advance as practically possible. The best kennels are booked up months ahead at peak times, a great indicator of how good they are – you just need to be organised.


When you go to drop your dog off make sure you are well prepared. Ensure you have your up to date vaccination record with you (they will probably want to take a copy) take any medication with clearly documented instructions and also any food that they require along with feeding instructions. If you are away from the country or are not within easy driving distance, also leave emergency contact details and the details of your vets where pet medical records will be held. Boarding kennels do play an important part in allowing dog owners the freedom to travel and experience things where dogs are not permitted. They can also support doggy day care for when work commitments prove troublesome either on a long or short term basis.


Finding a dog sitter is often the preferred alternative to using boarding kennels when you go on your holidays. But relying on family and friends doesn't always work out, so what next?

Dog Buddy

Dog buddy is an trusted dog sitting service, now the largest in Europe. It offers an airbnb style service and is all managed through their app. Take a look at what Dog Buddy do here. What you may find is that they will have a great time and all that worry was in vain. Just look forward to the greeting you will get on your return from your holidays!
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