How dogs lose weight successfully

How dogs lose weight successfully

Being overweight restricts your dog's range of motion and endangers his health. Therefore, a healthy ideal weight is important for your four-legged friend.

Your dog weighs too much and you want him to lose weight? Then you will to make a responsible decision, because being overweight can increase the risk of certain diseases in your dog and reduce its quality of life. By the way, losing weight successfully and reaching the ideal weight can be very easy - with these tips and the right food as a basis.

Obesity in dogs now plays a similarly important role as it does for us humans. The causes of why a dog weighs too much can vary. One of the most common reasons is castration, as dogs' appetite often increases after this procedure, although they do not need more energy than before. If you do not adapt the feeding amounts after neutering, the dog may gain weight.

Age can also be a cause of obesity in dogs, because on the one hand the energy requirements of older dogs decrease, on the other hand, older animals often move less than younger ones.

The main cause of obesity in dogs, however, is simply "too much" energy from their food. This can happen if the food has too high an energy density, the amount fed is simply too large or the dog does not expend the energy, for example because he does not move enough. Perhaps you are also underestimating how many calories your dog actually consumes: If your dog is given an adequate ration with his "main meals", but also frequently receives treats or begging leftovers, his energy requirements are quickly exceeded.

It is important that obese dogs achieve their ideal weight, especially as this can reduce the risk of diseases such as premature joint wear, diabetes mellitus, and other metabolic disorders. But don't worry: your dog can lose weight much more easily than you might think! Feed types that have a reduced energy and carbohydrate content are ideally suited for this. You can simply feed them according to the recommended daily ration, which is based on the ideal weight of the dog.

Recipes such as Happy Dog Sensible Toscana , Light Calorie Control or Mini Light are particularly suitable for neutered dogs . The latter two products are also ideal for older, very calm and overweight dogs. For all other dogs from around 10 years of age, the special senior products Happy Dog Supreme Senior , Mini Senior and NaturCroq Senior are recommended, as their energy and nutrient content is optimally adapted to the needs of old age.

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