Summer Holidays!

I'm just back from my holidays. It always strikes me as a little strange that while my humans seem happy with my company almost every weekend, at the height of every summer they take me to a luxury spa and then disappear for a fortnight.

I can only guess that it is some form of human quarantine that they need to undergo. Anyhow, they take me to a lovely spot with lots of other dogs, mostly friendly, a smashing field to romp around in and all the grub I can put away.

When they show up to fetch me at the end of my holiday my humans always seem exhausted -- pink, peeling, with bloodshot eyes and a strange exhaustion that takes them days to throw off. I, on the other hand, have put on weight, made new friends and acquired some terrific rustic new smelly patches on my coat.

If I were my humans, I'd give up on whatever it is that they get up to and check in with me next year...

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