When Should You Switch To Adult Dog Food?

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Happy Dog offers healthy and very high-quality premium adult dog food for every dog __size and every activity level. Not only this, but we also have special types of food for sensitive dogs such as grain-free dry food, reduced-fat food or selected protein dog food. After all, good dog food today has to be able to do a lot more than just fill up your pup!

Puppies and adult dogs have different requirements and therefore making the transition from puppy to adult food can be crucial to the health and happiness of your dog. Not only this, but different dogs need to transition at different times, so if you’re wondering when to switch your puppy to adult dog food, we’re here to help!

When are small medium and large breed dogs considered an adult dog?

Small breeds (with an adult weight of up to 10 kg) grow up faster and grow at a more even rate than large breeds. They tend to be considered an adult dog at 12 months.

Medium & large breeds (with an adult weight of over 11kg) grow in two phases as a puppy. The ‘main growth phase’ is during the first six months, some puppy breeds can reach up to 75% of their adult weight at this stage. The ‘moderate growth phase’ is 6 – 18 months. Medium & large breeds tend to be considered an adult dog from 15-18 months.

Depending on the breed size of your favourite four-legged friend, at some point between 12 and 24 months of age, you should re-examine your puppy's nutritional needs and choose the right adult formula. If you’re unsure on the best times to transition, make sure you get in touch with your vet or our team!

Why should you transition from puppy to adult dog food?

When your puppy is growing, they will need more nutrients and calories than an adult dog, which is why most puppy foods have greater levels of protein and fat to support growth, as well as nutrients like DHA. Once your puppy reaches adulthood, they won’t need as many calories.

As the energy requirement for growth drops off, adult dog food is then required as it tends to have a fat and protein content to match their demands. If the drop in protein & fat content didn’t happen, you would run the risk of having an overweight and hyperactive dog.

Our recommended Adult Dog Food

We would recommend the following adult dog food…

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