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NaturCroq XXL - Large Breed Dog Food


Healthy dog food for large and giant breed adult dogs.

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Happy Dog NaturCroq XXL was specifically developed as a large breed dog food:

The energy requirements of large and giant breed dogs is very different to those of small breeds. Large breed dogs need a special composition of nutrients with moderate protein content and adapted fat content. Depending on their size they usually prefer large chunks of food, as contained in NaturCroq XXL.

If the croquettes are too small, they are often wolfed down or even swallowed whole.

Nutritional Information

Additional Information

poultry meat meal, whole wheat, wheat flour, whole grain maize, maize flour, whole grain barley, poultry fat, beef fat, fish meal, meat meal, beet slices, hydrolysed liver, haemoglobin (dried), apple pomace (dried) (0.8%), yeast (dried), malt sprouts, sodium chloride, green oats (dried), sunflowers (dried), cress (dried), parsley (dried), (total green herbs: 0.3%) Digestible energy: 1,570 kJ/100 g
raw protein 21%
raw fat 10%
raw fibre 3%
raw ash 5.5%
Carbohydrates (NfE) 51.5%
calcium 1.25%
phosphorus 0.85%
sodium 0.25%
potassium 0.45%
Additional ingredients/kg:
Vitamins / kg:   Trace elements / kg:  
vitamin A 10250 I.E. iron 80 mg
vitamin D3 1000 I.E. copper 8 mg
vitamin E 60 mg zinc 80 mg
vitamin B1 4 mg manganese 5 mg
vitamin B2 6 mg iodine 2 mg
vitamin B6 3 mg selenium 0.15 mg
vitamin B12 60µg    
biotin 350 µg Antioxidants, high tocopherol
pantothenic acid 10 mg   extracts of
niacin 45 mg   natural origin
Feed amount

20 kg 310 g
30 kg 370 g
40 kg 460 g
50 kg 545 g
60 kg 630 g
70 kg 700 g
80 kg 770 g


Average Rating

I always fed my one dog on the breeders recommended food (she always said she would never buy anything else) as I was always getting another puppy from her. To my shock when I went to get my new puppy she had swapped to Happy Dog. The process of swapping my older dog to the Happy Dog was easy and no upset tummy. They both love the product and I can actually (if I wanted) give the food as a treat so must taste good!
No name given
- Lotty
My dogs like it and as its big chunks it stops my male Rottwieler eating it too quickly
- Harriet
Like the larger size of the kibble
- john field
all my dogs eat it and are doing well
- john field
Good food dog likes it and is doing well on it
No name given
Great service quick delivery
No name given
all my dogs like the food
- john field