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Profi - Sensitive Grain free 20kg

Grain-free complete food with easily digestible poultry and salmon, complemented by rare New Zealand mussels. With 24% protein & 14 % fat.

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Happy Dog Feed Sensitive Grain Free 24-14 represents a very desirable and economical way of feeding sensitive dogs with cereal intolerance. : This recipe is prepared on the basis of easily digestible poultry and salmon meat and meat is complemented by rare New Zealand mussels. As a source of carbohydrates are used instead of the cereal gluten-free potatoes. This new food is intended to cover the average nutrient claims work, sports, or breeding dogs during their normal physical activity.

Nutritional Information

Additional Information

Weight 20.0000
Ingredients potato flakes (53%), poultry protein (19.5%), poultry fat, salmon meal (7%), beet pulp (desugared), applesauce , sodium chloride, New Zealand mussel meat (0.01% ). ( Dried, partially hydrolyzed / dried). Digestible energy: 1700 kJ / 100 g; 4060 Kcal / kg
Feed amount Crude protein 24.0%; Crude fat 14.0%; Crude fiber 2.5%; Crude ash 6.5%; 1.2% calcium; phosphorus 0.85%; Sodium 0.35%


Average Rating

This is the best grain free dog food I have fed to my dogs, all enjoy it even the fussiest. No upset tummies.
- Jayne
Been using this for my 2 Dalmatians & now fir my 2 Basset Bleu de Gascogne's. Super food & no problems with digestion
No name given
Dog loves the food and never leaves any in the bowl
- James
My dog really enjoyed this food, I also found it filled him up
- Helen
- Aoife
The product looks good and the dogs like it
- Robert
Food for my 4 dogs, who thrive on it
- Margo Webster
Excellent quality food for my husky dogs with sensitive stomachs
- Stephanie Murtagh
The dogs love this food and let us know when it's food time.
No name given
Dog really loves this food - it was recommended by a friend
No name given
The best food I've ever used in my 15 years of breeding.
- Hugo
4 German shepherds, and terrier love this product, right size, and crunch for them
- michele McLean
Profi- sensitive grain free is ideal for Duke's sensitive tummy and makes his stools the right consistency. Also is very good quality food at an affordable price
- Susana Ortiz
Great value food , recommended
- Michael Ogden
I have used Baby Sensitive Grain Free before and is the best product I have ever used for weaning puppies. They like it and do very well on this food until they go to their new homes.
- Sally Newman
Top class food delivered with top class service
- James Lomas
My dogs love this food, empty their food dishes at every meal! Fantastic value for money, a high quality food
No name given
My dogs just love this food and look so good on it.
- Sally Hardy
Great quality and our dog loves it
No name given
All my dogs of all ages love this food. It is so good for them and keeps them healthy with great coats.
No name given
It's as simple as that the dogs loved the new food
No name given
Fussy eater snatched it from my hand she appears to love it!
- Kathleen Gallagher
Excellent customer service
No name given
Great food at a great price
No name given
Great product for my husky crew who have sensitive digestive systems.
- Stephanie Murtagh
Simply the dogs love it ,and we’ve had no problems whilst they are on it.
- Jeanette Costello
This what my looks like now after eating happydog sensitive grain free
- Mandy Hilton
Great dogs love this food
- Karen Howes
Started using this food about one year ago - dog loves it.
No name given
Well to be honest I tasted it and I really liked it , I do ******** dogs food only a very small amount just to see what he is eating
- Chrissie Carter
Dogs love this food and it's great for tear stain problem.
- Morgan McCutcheon
Rufus my GSD Loves it too
- Chrissie Carter
The dog just loves this food, and the quality is great.
- James Lomas